Central-i Technology

Central-i is an innovative, patented fieldbus topology for motion control systems. At the center of a Central-i system there is a multi axes master controller. All the algorithms are performed by the master controller including trajectory and position, velocity and current loops (all in 16KHz). The remote units receive the results of the algorithms via a proprietary digital protocol. All remote units have no computational abilities, so they are low cost.All axes are synchronized down to 8nsec due to the nature of the Central-i communication.


AGM Series: 4-axes and 8-axes Central-i master controller

AGM series is a family of high performance 4-axes and 8-axes Central-i master controllers, which includes up to 12 Central-i ports. 8 ports can be connected to any remote Central-i amplifier, while the remaining ports can be connected to any remote I/O module. AGM series is equipped with large flash/RAM memories to support complex applications and features, such as CNC motion and 3D error mapping. 

AGA10x Series Central-i DC Remote Amplifiers

The AGA10x series is family of Central-i remote power amplifiers. AGA amplifiers are controlled by AGM series Central-i master, which gets encoder reading and current samples from each amplifier, performs control loops calculation and generate PWM commands to each amplifier. Fast Central-i fieldbus is used to communicate between AGA amplifiers and AGM master, that allows 16kHz sample rate motion profiler and all servo loops. 


AGA155 Series Central-i 220VAC Remote Amplifiers

AGA155 is a 220VAC powered single-axis intelligent drive. While it is a full-feature single-axis standalone controller, it also comes with analog input to receive +/-10V current or velocity command. The Pulse & Direction input is the position command. 


AGIO Series Central-i Remote I/O Units

The AGIO is a series of Central-i remote I/O modules. They are used to expand the number of I/O interfaces in the Central-i network. Since all the I/O modules are updated at the master controller every sampling cycle. There is no difference between connecting, for example, an axis limit sensor to the axis amplifier’s digital input or to a separate AGIO module. 


AGL Series Central-i Remote Adapter

The AGL is a series of Central-i remote adapters to interface the Central-I network with external devices, such as drives. The AGL adapters could convert the current command into analog +/-10V signal or convert position command into pulse and direction format. 

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