Direct Drive Motors


Direct Drive Linear Motors

Akribis linear motors can be categorized into iron core and ironless series. Consisting of motor coils and magnet tracks, Akribis linear motors provide unparalleled advantages and features to improve system performance and efficiency: high speed, high acceleration, low velocity ripple, low operation noise, superior stability, wear & tear free, maintenance free, and long travel stroke. Akribis offers various models under each category, including: AUM, AWM, AHM, ALM and ACR series ironless linear motors; AJM, AQM, AKM series iron core linear motors for automation industry. AKMF series iron core motor with water/oil cooling options for CNC industry.

Direct Drive Rotary Motors

Direct drive rotary motors (DDR) are motors that are designed to drive loads directly without the need of any transmission mechanism , such as gear or belts. These motors are also called torque motors. They use high energy permanent magnets to generate high torque . Akribis offers various types of DDRs, including AFR-A series , ADR-P , ADR-T series and ACD series. We also design customized direct drive motors according to spec. All Akribis direct drive rotary motors are equipped with optical encoders. With higher encoder resolution after interpolation, Akribis rotary motors can satisfy your need of precision in any type of demanding applications 


Direct Drive Voice Coil Motors

Voice coil motors are short stroke actuators that use permanent magnets and coil windings to generate thrust force. It is a direct drive motor, which means that the motor drives the load directly without the need of a transmission mechanism . Akribis offers various types of voice coil motors, including AVM series cylindrical motors series and ATA series planar motors. Advantages of using voice coil actuators are low moving mass , low inductance , smooth motion and superb reliability. Voice coil motor perfectly fit to force control applications . The force produced by a motor is linearly proportional to the current applied. 

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