Linear Motors

Akribis linear motors can be categorized into iron core and ironless series. Consisting of motor coils and magnet tracks, Akribis linear motors provide unparalleled advantages and features to improve system performance and efficiency: high speed, high acceleration, low velocity ripple, low operation noise, superior stability, wear & tear free, maintenance free, and long travel stroke. Akribis offers various models under each category, including: AUM, AWM,AHM, ALM and ACR series ironless linear motors; AJM, AQM, AKM series iron core linear motors for automation industry. AKMF series iron core motor with water/oil cooling options for CNC industry. 


AUM Series

Ironless Brushless Linear Motor

The AUM series linear motor uses ironless technology to make the motor obtain higher thrust in smaller volume, and has the advantage of higher force density. 


AWM Series

Ironless Linear Motor Vacuum Compatible (up to 1×10-7 Torr)

The AWM series brushless iron core linear motor has no core technology. It has vacuum compatibility, no cogging force, large continuous thrust and peak force. 


ALM Series

ALM series is a ironless linear motor with no cogging force, small width, light weight and high response. It is suitable for applications with low thrust requirement and fast response. 

AJM Series

AJM Series

AJM series are iron core linear motors, small size, high force density and quick response. They are suitable for applications with certain force requirements and high response. 


ACR Series

Arc type frameless motor

ACR series arc type frameless motor uses high performance permanent magnet. Through electromagnetic and mechanical optimization, it has advantages of low profile, large center hole, high torque density without cogging effect. 


AQM Series

AQM series are iron core linear motors , low cost and small cogging force. They are suitable for applications with low thrust and long travel. 

AKM Series

AKM Series

AKM series belongs to iron core linear motor. High force, compact structure, good cooling effect, They are suitable for applications with high force requirements for motors. 

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