AGM series is a high performance 8-axes Central-i master controllers‭, ‬which are include up to 12‭ ‬Central-i‭ ‬ports‭. ‬8‭ ‬ports can be connected to any remote Central-i amplifier‭, ‬while the remaining ports can be connected to any remote I/O‭ ‬module‭. ‬AGM series is equipped with large flash/RAM memories to support complex applications and features‭, ‬such as CNC motion and 3D error mapping‭. ‬AGM is centralized motion controller and executes motion profiler and all servo control loops internally at‭ ‬16‭ ‬kHz sampling rate‭, ‬that allow perfect multi-axis synchronization at better than 1‭ ‬microsecond level‭.‬

That make AGM series perfectly fit to high precision coordinated motion applications‭, ‬such as CNC‭, ‬Semiconductors‭, ‬Electronic Assembly‭, ‬and robotics

Models Specification

Ethernet, RS232
Flash Memory
128 MB (+SD card)
Number of Central-i Ports
Fieldbus to amplifiers and I/O
Power Supply
Number of axes
ARM Cortex A9, 900MHz dual core
Control Sampling rate
16 KHz (position, velocity, optional force, current)
8 GB
CNC mode
CNC sequential contour (G-codes) support, FIFO buffering, Corners compensation, Linear, Circular and Helical interpolations
Motor learning, Auto phasing (for incremental encoders), by halls, by abs encoder.
Programming Interfaces
Standalone multi-tasking user programs high level script-based program executed in the controller (up to 8 multi-threading programs with priority setting for each thread. Commands per 1 msec IDE integrated in PCSuite Windows .Net API available in NuGet Manager. Standard TCP/IP communication ASCII string commands or binary CAN format.
Homing modes
User programmable: on encoder index, home switch, limit switch and hard stop. (easily configurable to any sequence)
Encoder Error Mapping: 1D, 2D or 3D, Auto-Loop Shaping (auto-tuning), Frequency Domain System Identification and Modelling, Flexible Gain Scheduling, Position Lock and Event, Ultra-Precision Mode (UPM), Input-Shaping, Profile-Shaping, Machine Vibration Control, Spring and Friction Compensation, Complex -Kinematics (robot kinematics), etc.
Interface to Camera/Laser 1
Via fast differential or optically isolated I/O in remote AGIO: Event position output event (1D or 2D) Lock position capture , User programmable PWM output via remote unit with 1MHz frequency
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