Intelligent Drives 240VAC


AGD155 EtherCAT 240VAC Intelligent Drive

The AGD155 is a 240VAC intelligent drive with an EtherCAT (EoE) interface compliant with CiA 402 drive profile. The AGD155 can drive many types of motors, such as voice coil, brushed, and brushless, including direct drive linear and rotary motors. The drive provides numerous digital and analog inputs and outputs for application interfaces. It also supports various incremental and absolute encoders.  Advanced features include position event, position lock (capture), error mapping, dual-loop control, closed-loop force mode, and ultra-precision modes. The AGD155 includes programming capabilities and supports up to 8 multi-threading tasks, each of which can be configured with a different priority. It can also serve as a full-featured single-axis standalone controller. The AGD155 also support pulse train and analog commands for standalone and legacy applications


AGD155 AC Series 240VAC Intelligent Drive

AGD155 is a 240VAC powered single-axis intelligent drive. While it is a full-feature single-axis standalone controller, it also comes with analog input to receive +/-10V current or velocity command, and Pulse & Direction input as position command. It can drive various types of motors like voice coil, brushed or brushless motor, including direct-drive linear and rotary motors. AGD155 can also synchronize with other axes in an Ethernet, CAN or RS485 network. 

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