Linear Stages

Akribis offers a wide range of linear motion stages. Whether your motion system requires extreme precision, reliable linear technology, high speed, or compact size, we have your linear stage needs covered.

Positioning accuracy, speed, and the perfect fine-tuning of all individual components are part of Akribis setup.

We specialize in working with our clients to optimize motion systems and control for their unique application, and all of our products can be configured to suit your project’s specific needs.

DGL Linear Stage Trans

DGL Series

Akribis DGL series utilize direct drive linear motor positioning system. It consists of dual linear guides, linear motor, encoder feedback and aluminum cover to form a compact footprint, high performance module. 


DGC Series

Akribis DGC stages were created to bring direct drive technology to cost-challenged applications. Specifically designed in a compact package envelope these stages are a great alternative to ball screw stages with higher accuracy and reliability. 

XRL Linear Stage Trans

XRL Series

XRL Series (Cross roller linear motor stage) driven by Akribis’ ironless linear motor system. The best performance of Akribis’ standard stage. 

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