Version R1.6 released

March 10, 2022

We are glad to announce that version R1.6 for agito controls is released. The release includes important product enhancements, such as dual-loop control mode, UPM repetitive motion mode, added CNC-B engine, added support for 12 threads in a user program, spline motion buffer, open current loop, and much more. Version 1.6 is consist of FW, FPGA, and PCSuite upgrades. Make sure to upgrade all these components according to instructions in release notes.

Refer to the R1.6 release notes document to find details about new features and product enhancements. The document also includes FW and FPGA download instructions.  To get firmware files, send a request to [email protected]


PCSuite user manual released

March 1, 2022

PCSuite manual version 3.0 is released. the manual contains detailed information on how to configure and tune agito controls using PCSuite. The manual include also new features from release R1.6. 


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